The Statement of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi Following the Issuance of a Fatwa by the Renowned Shaykh of Al-Azhar

We do commend and admire the deep understanding of the realities of the Muslim world and the astuteness of the Shaykh of al-Azhar. We also stress the fact that not only does this fatwa prevent the massacre of the innocent Muslims, but it will also be a hindrance to the Islamophobia which is being promoted by the westerners, who are either unaware of the reality of Islam or are enemies of Islam. 

The Answer to a Request for Fatwa regarding a Movie

One of the Arabic TV channels based in England has been fundraising, for a few months now, for the production of a feature film called ''Yawm al-Adhāb'' [i.e. The Day of Torment] and it has received millions of pounds from the Shias all over the world.

This Fatwa Is Against the Consensus of Muslim Scholars

It has been spread among people that a person who observes Fast can drink water and his fast won’t be void. A Hadith has been mentioned for this which is disputable in both documentation and implication.

Reply of His holiness to the letter of a number of seminary students regarding j

In the name of God

I had declared this decree several years ago conditionally, and it has been registered in my book, Rulings of Taqlid, that if based o­n the approval of the experts, smoking cigar (and other tobacco products) is harmful for health, it is forbidden.