Repairing the Mosque based on the Decision of the Board of Trustees

Is it permissible for the board of trustees of the mosque to act for the repair of the mosque and the other issues related to it without the permission of the custodian of the mosque?

Using a Part of the Inner Chamber of the Mosque to Expand the Kitchen

In case a mosque needs a bigger kitchen as its current kitchen is too small, is it permissible to separate the kitchen from the mosque itself in order to expand it?

Opening a New Door to the Mosque

There is a mosque which has a door for people to enter and exit but there is a need for another door in some times of the year like the month of Muharram so that women can enter the mosque more conveniently. Is it permissible to open another door in another side of the mosque in order to be used in cases of necessity while the main door is used most of the time?

Expanding a Mosque into the Land of Another Mosque

There are two mosques which are built next to each other, one for summer and the other for winter, and the winter mosque is too small to meet the needs of people particularly in the month of Muharram; is it permissible to expand the winter mosque by taking some space from the summer mosque?

Using the Things which Belong to the Mosque but which are No Longer Needed in the Mosque to Help the Poor

If a mosque has extra carpets or other things which are not needed in it, is it permissible to give them to poor persons if other mosques don’t need them?

Building Shops and Malls in the Underground level of the Mosque

If a mosque is situated a few meters above the ground and it doesn’t have an underground floor is it permissible to build a shop under the mosque and sell its right of trade and consume the money for the mosque?

Difference between Mosque and Hussainiyyah

Why it is not permitted to do what can be done in a mosque in hussainiyyah (place of mourning Imam Husayn (‘a), and vice versa? Because if it is permitted we can have one place which can be used both as a mosque and a husainiyyah in order to prevent the wastage of land and costs of building.

Performing bestowment in Mosque

Is it permissible to perform acts like bestowment in the mosques, and if they are permissible, should they be done after obtaining permission from the religious authority?

Demolishing the Mosque of a Desolate Village

Is it permissible to demolish the mosque of a desolate village?

Selling Some Stuff which Belong to the Mosque but are No Longer Used

Is it permissible to sell some stuff which belong to the mosque but are no longer needed or used and to consume the money obtained through selling them for the mosque?

To Construct a Mosque on a Land that is Devoted to the Mourning Ceremonies held for Imam Husayn (‘a)

Is it permissible to build a mosque on a land that is devoted (as waqf) to the mourning ceremonies held for Imam Husayn (‘a)?

Purifying the Mosque

Is it enough to purify the outer surfaces of the walls and the floor of a mosque which is build using mutanajjis material (materials which were clean in the beginning but became najis later)?

Consent of Neighbors for Building a Mosque

Is consent of neighbors a necessary condition for building a mosque?

The Ruling regarding a Person in the State of Major Ritual Impurity (Janābah) Staying in the Mosque

Is it permissible for a a person who is in the state of janābah to stay in the mosque after performing tayammum when he knows that he would miss his class (which is held in the mosque) if he performs ghusl?

Reserving a place for another person in the row of a congregation

Is it permissible to reserve a place for another person in the row of a congregation? (It means that we place a turbah for another person and don’t let other people to sit there) Or is the criterion piety or earlier arrival?

Answer to the Questions About the Sacred Mosque of Jamkaran

His holiness Hazrat Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi
 With greeting,
You have previously mentioned valuable utterances for introduction of Jamkaran mosque. The lovers of Imam of Time (a.s.) request for a more comprehensive introduction about this great religious centers to remove any ambiguity and temptation raised by the uninformed and ignorant.
 A number of your Moqalledin
October 2006