Imam Ali a.s :
Hearts of people are like wild beasts. They attach themselves to those who love and train them.
Nahjul balaghah saying :50.
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His eminence’s speech given on the third night of Qadr:
Quds Day can be a linking factor and an awakening one as well. I hope that, with the assistance of the Almighty Allah, the processions on Quds Day will awaken the Muslim world. Quds, as the first Qiblah of the Muslims, is the factor that links all Muslims together, as it is of great importance to all of them. 
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His eminence’s speech delivered on the night before Ramadan 21st
In a gathering with a number of fasting Muslims who had convened to hold a vigil to the Night of Qadr, his eminence addressed a number of important issues including the obligation upon the government officials to live a simple life, the necessity of abstaining from unnecessary luxury regarding the marriage of the young people and making it an easy matter, the comprehensiveness of the sacred religion of Islam, and the crimes and atrocities committed by the unruly and barbaric Saudi government in Yemen.
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Announced by his eminence’s office:
We strongly condemn this unprecedented crime and condole with the families of the victims, and at the same time we warn all our Muslim brothers, both Shiites and Sunnites, and even non-Muslim people of the world not to keep silent in face of such terrible incidents.
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His eminence’s announcement regarding the condemnation of the terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia
We strongly condemn these terrorist attacks and at the same time we wonder whether the Saudi Government supports these acts of terror, and if it does not, why doesn’t it take proper measures to prevent them? Why doesn’t the Saudi government deploy security forces around the Shiite Mosques and buildings?
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شنبه 7/شهریور/1394
السبت 14 ذی‌القعده‏ 1436
Saturday 29 August 2015
سلام و عرض ادب:

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