Imam Ali a.s :
One, who guards his secrets has complete control over his affairs.
Nahjul balaghah saying :161.
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Announced by his eminence’s office:
We strongly condemn this unprecedented crime and condole with the families of the victims, and at the same time we warn all our Muslim brothers, both Shiites and Sunnites, and even non-Muslim people of the world not to keep silent in face of such terrible incidents.
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His eminence’s announcement regarding the condemnation of the terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia
We strongly condemn these terrorist attacks and at the same time we wonder whether the Saudi Government supports these acts of terror, and if it does not, why doesn’t it take proper measures to prevent them? Why doesn’t the Saudi government deploy security forces around the Shiite Mosques and buildings?
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Announced at the beginning of the Fiqh course in reaction to the terrorist attacks in Qatif
The entire world condemned this terrorist attack and the Saudi officials and clerics also did that; but they assume that the people of the world are so naïve and uninformed to be deceived by such empty words.
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Announced at the beginning of the Fiqh course:
The atrocities that are being committed in Yemen, with the green light of the U.S. and that of the west and the Arab League, are considered to be proofs and evidence of retrogression to the barbaric ignorance days.
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دوشنبه 15/تير/1394
الاثنین 19 رمضان 1436
Monday 6 July 2015
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