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Imam Hadi ('a) and the Ghullāt

Question: How did Imam Hadi ('a) combat the Ghullāt?
Concise answer:

The Ghulāt were one of the deviant and misguided groups, which were active during the Imamate of Imam Hadi (‘a). While the Ghullāt considered themselves as being Shia, their ideology and beliefs were utterly deviant and outside the fold of the Shia creed. They had certain exaggerated beliefs in regards to the Imam (‘a) and considered him as a divine being.

The Policy of Hishām ibn 'Abd al-Malik against Imam Baqir (‘a)

Question: How did Hishām ibn 'Abd al-Malik act towards the Imam ('a)?
Concise answer:

Hishām ibn ‘Abd al-Malik, one of the caliphs during the time of Imam Baqir (‘a), was always fearful of the Imam’s (‘a) extraordinary rank and the people’s love towards him. Since he also knew that his followers considered him to be the Imam, he was perpetually working to prevent the spread of the spiritual influence of these followers, as well as an increase in their numbers.

The Accusation of Hishām ibn 'Abd al-Malik that Imam Baqir ('a) was Inclined towards Christianity


How did Hishām react to the news that Imam Baqir ('a) had defeated the Christian Arch Bishop in debate?

Concise answer:

Before Imam Baqir (‘a) left the city of Damascus, a particularly amazing opportunity presented itself to awaken the minds of the masses. Through this opportunity, the people were also allowed to see a manifestation of the Imam’s (‘a) learning and knowledge.

The Ummayad Caliphs during the Era of Imam Baqir ('a)

Question: Which of the Umayyad caliphs ruled during the time of Imam Baqir ('a)?
Concise answer:

It was mentioned previously that Imam Baqir (‘a) lived contemporaneously with 5 of the Umayyid caliphs. We will mention the particularities of each during their time of rule and their administration of the society. This will make evident the social and political conditions and circumstances which Imam Baqir (‘a) lived in during his life.

The Skill of Imam Baqir ('a) in Archery

Question: What is the story related to the shooting competition of Imam Baqir ('a) in the gathering of Hishām ibn 'Abd al-Malik?
Concise answer:

Hishām ordered the governor of Medina to send for Imam Baqir (‘a) and his son, Ja’far ibn Muhammad (‘a) and to tell them to come to Syria. Without having a choice, the Imam (‘a) and his son (‘a) left for Damascus and they soon arrived there. Hishām had decided to set up an archery competition in order to embarrass the Imam (‘a). Hishām assumed that with the defeat of the Imam (‘a) in such a competition, he would be lowered in the view of the people. In addition, even though the Imam (‘a) had arrived in Damascus, he postponed their meeting for three days.

Imam Baqir ('a): The Founder of a Great Movement of Learning

Question: What was the rank of Imam Baqir ('a) in respect to science and learning?
Concise answer:

He is famously known for analyzing and explaining various intellectual issues. He brought about an extensive movement in learning and science, and laid the foundations for an Islamic university, which reached its zenith in the time of his son Imam Sadiq(‘a).

A Brief Introduction in to the Life of Imam Baqir ('a)

Question: How was the life of Imam Baqir ('a) like?
Concise answer:

Imam Baqir (‘a) was born in the year 57 Hijrī, in the city of Medina. He was 39 years old at the time of the death of his father, Imam Zayn al-’Abidīn (‘a) (who passed away in 94 Hijrī). His name was Muhammad, while his kunya was Abū Ja’far, and his agnomens were Baqir and Baqir al-’Ūlūm.

The Intellectual Rank of the Lady Fatimah ('a)

Question: Why is it important to understand the intellectual rank of the Lady Fatimah ('a)?
Concise answer:

The love that the Prophet (ṣ) had towards his daughter Fatimah (‘a) is an indication of the existence of these virtues within her.

Fatimah ('a) and Kawthar

Question: Who is the first verse of Surah Kawthar referring to?
Concise answer:

From the context of this chapter, it can be understood that it is in reference to the Lady Fatimah (‘a) and the reason behind this is that the lineage of the Prophet (ṣ) spread throughout the world through her children.

The Defense of Wilāyah Even While Bedridden with Her Illness Through Injuries.

Question: How did the Lady Fatimah ('a) defend Imam 'Ali's ('a) position while she was ill?
Concise answer:

The Lady Fatimah (‘a) delivered a fiery sermon in defense of Imam ‘Ali (‘a) even while she was bedridden with her illness. 

The Infallibility of Fatimah ('a)

Question: Was Fatimah ('a) infallible?
Concise answer:

From the verses of the Quran and the traditions, we can come to the conclusion that the Lady Fatimah ('a) was from the infallibles.

How Fatimah ('a) Aided the Prophet (ṣ)

Question: How did the Lady Fatimah ('a) aid her father, the Prophet (ṣ)?
Concise answer:

From the very beginning of Islam, the Lady Fatimah (‘a) was an aid and support for her father.

Imam Ṣādiq (‘a) According to his Contemporaries

Question: How did the contemporaries of Imam Ṣādiq (‘a) view him?
Concise answer:

Imam Ṣādiq (‘a) was well known for his positive characteristics amongst his contemporaries

The Debate of Imam Ṣādiq (‘a) With Abū Ḥanīfah

Question: How has the debate of Imam Ṣādiq (‘a) with Abū Ḥanīfah been narrated in the sources of the Ahl al-Sunnah?
Concise answer:

Abū Ḥanīfah, ‘Abdullah ibn Abī Sharmah, and Ibn Abī Laylā all went to meet with Imam Ja’far Ṣādiq (‘a)

The Night of Qadr: A Night for All of Humanity

Question: Is the Night of Qadr a single night for all of the earth? This night has been accorded much importance and greatness in our religion and it has been mentioned that this night falls either on the 19th, 21st, or 23rd of the month of Ramaḍān; in addition, many acts of worship and devotion have been listed for this night. It appears that the Night of Qadr is only one night out of all the nights of the year. Yet at the same time, we know that the month of Ramaḍān begins one day earlier or later in various countries in the world. Due to this reason, the Night of Qadr can potentially take place on various nights depending on which part of the world we are in. Does this mean that the Night of Qadr is in reality two nights or sometimes three, or is this a night that only applied to the time of the Prophet (ṣ) and the region of Mecca (in the Ḥijāz)?
Concise answer:

Imam Sajjād (Ýa) According to the Companions and the TābiÝīn

Question: What was the opinion of the companions and the TābiÝīn in regards to Imam Sajjād (Ýa)?
Concise answer:

The Role of the Lady Zaynab (Ýa) in Disgracing Yazīd

Question: How did Zaynab disgrace Yazīd when she was taken to Syria as a captive?
Concise answer:

The Historical Speech of the Lady Zaynab in Syria

Question: What type of a speech did Zaynab deliver in the palace of Yazīd?
Concise answer:

The Reason behind the Naming of the Lady Fāṭimah (Ýa)

Question: Why was the Lady Fāṭimah (Ýa) given such a name?
Concise answer:

The Birth and Death of Imam Ṣādiq (Ýa)

Question: What has Ibn Khalikān mentioned in regards to the birth and death of Imam Ṣādiq (Ýa)?
Concise answer:

Imam Kadhim (as) and Harun

Question: Imam Kadhim"s"(as) method of dealing with Harun
Concise answer:

Ali bin Yaqtin and Imam Kadhim (as)

Question: Ali bin Yaqtin’s secret correspondence with Imam Kadhim (as)
Concise answer:

Biography of Imam Musa al-Kadhim (as)

Question: A short biography of Imam Musa al-Kadhim (as)
Concise answer:

Fāṭimah (Ýa): The Lady of Paradise

Question: What is the reason that the Prophet (ṣ) would say: I smell the fragrance of paradise from Fāṭimah (Ýa)?
Concise answer:

Imam Kadhim and the uprising of Fakha

Question: Imam Kadhim and the uprising of Fakha
Concise answer:

Imam Kadhim (as) and prohibition of alcohol

Question: Imam Kadhim"s proof for the prohibition of alcohol
Concise answer:

Ali bin Yaqtin

Question: Ali bin Yaqtin, Imam Kadhim (as) inside man in the court of Harun
Concise answer:

Preservation of Imam Sadiq’s educational movement

Question: Imam Kadhim (as) and his preservation of Imam Sadiq’s educational movement
Concise answer: