Relying on Yazid Ibn Abi Ziyad

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Relying on Yazid Ibn Abi Ziyad

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Question: What is the word of Sunnite scholars about the reliability of Yazid Ibn Abi Ziyad and accepting his quotations?

 Answer: Zahabi has mentioned the name of Yazid Ibn Abi Ziyad in the Mizanul I'tidal book (vol. 4, p. 423) and has placed the code of Muslim and the owners of four Sunan books beside his name to point that they have quoted his narrations.
In addition, he has quoted from Abu Fuzail that he said: Yazid Ibn Abi Ziyad was from the great leaders of Shia.
Zahabi has said that: He was from one of the well-known scholars of Kufah. In spite of this, they have oppressed him and have found false faults with him because he has quoted a tradition from Abu Barzah or Abu Bardah in this way: When we were with the holy Prophet (s.a.w.) we heard the sound of song, Amr 'Ass and Mu'awiyah were singing. The holy Prophet (s.a.w.) cursed them and said that: O, Allah put them hardly in sedition and call them towards fire.
The tradition that he has quoted from Abd al-Rahman Ibn Abi Laila is in the chapter of foods (At'amah) of Sahih of Muslim book. Sufyan Ibn 'Uyaynah has quoted this narration from him.
He passed away in the year 136 A.H. while he was about 90 years old. May God bless his soul.(1)
1 - Sayyid Abdul Husain Sharafuddin Musawi, Al-Muraji'at, p. 193.


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