The Birthday Anniversary of Imam Ali (as)

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Announced by the Official Website of G.A. Makarem Shirazi:

The Birthday Anniversary of Imam Ali (as)

Here you could find Interesting Information about Imam Ali (as)'s Life

The official website of Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi offers its congratulations on the auspicious birthday anniversary of Imam Ali (as)
May we all be the true followers of his.

Below you could find related topics to the Imam Ali (as).


*** The Truth is Always with ÝAlÐ (Ýa) ***

*** Imam ÝAlÐ: Raised in the Lap of the Prophet (Ò) Himself ***

*** The Love of ÝAlÐ (Ýa) in the Hearts of the Believers ***

*** Who is the 17th Verse of Surah HÙd Referring to? ***

*** Imam ÝAlÐ (Ýa) and the Verse of NajwÁ ***

*** Imam ÝAlÐ (Ýa), His Companions, and the Concept of the Khayr al-BarÐyah ***

*** Imam ÝAlÐ (Ýa): The Righteous amongst the Believers (ÑÁliÎ al-MuÞminÐn) ***

*** Imam ÝAlÐ (Ýa): The First to Believe in the Prophet (Ò) and to Confirm His Message ***

*** Imam ÝAlÐ (Ýa) and the Concept of the Udhun WÁÝÐyah ***

*** Imam ÝAlÐ (Ýa) and the Example of the ‘Truthful Ones’ ***

*** The 54th Verse of Surah MÁÞidah ***

*** Imam ÝAlÐ (Ýa): The Complete Manifestation of TawÎÐd ***

*** Imam MubÐn (Ýa) ***


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