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International Associations are so sleeping as if they have passed away!
Criticism of His holiness f r o m the international associations:

 Criticizing the international associations’ silence against crimes of Zionist regime, His holiness called for the solidarity and unity among Islamic world.

On Wednesday at the beginning of his ethics lesson, His holiness expressed: Regretfully, some events are happening in Lebanon, occupied territories and Iraq which seem dreadful.

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Statements of His holiness at the beginning of Kharej Fiqh lesson
On Wednesday and in his Kharej lesson in Qom Aazam mosque, His holiness referred to the issue of the Holocaust and the turmoil and noises made by Zionist and West, and asked the Islamic and Western thinkers not to submit the westerns fusses when studying this event.
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It is enemy
Yesterday, in a visit with authorities and deputies of political department of Guards Corps of Islamic Republic of Iran, His holiness said: The enemy’s current tactic is focused on the propagation and cultural attack. He added: The enemies have turned to creating propagation noises, and when the president utters some statements, they start making noises.

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Statements of His holiness at the beginning of Kharej Fiqh lesson
On Wednesday and in Qom Great Mosque and at the beginning of his Kharej Fiqh lesson, Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi said: Constitution had specified the position of Wali Faqih and people’s opinion and decision, and we shall stop verbal disputes.

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Statements of His holiness in the sermons of Feast of Sacrifice prayer
On Wednesday, in the sermons of Feast of Sacrifice prayer, His holiness called the political and social philosophy of Haj not specialized to the pilgrims of Mecca, but influential in the Islamic world
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The important guidelines of His holiness addressing the eulogists and religious

His holiness said: Ashura is a valuable and great capital available for us, and any great capital has some pests, but it should be protected against the pests gradually aiming it.

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Lecture of His holiness in the gathering of Ashuraeian

Among the poems, eulogists of Prophets Family (a.s.) and the authorities of religious Heyats of Qom province in the gathering of Ashuraeian, His holiness said: A group of people advocated revolution with the motive of gaining power, but Imams resistance resulted in their escape.

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Raise public opinion against Israel

On Sunday and in Amiralmomenin school, His holiness, Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, called the Zionist regime as the most turbulent and oppressive government in the world and said: We shall raise the public opinion in the world against this illogic regime.

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Reply of His holiness to the letter of esteemed Sunnit

In the name of God

Esteemed members of parliament

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His Holiness

Expressing condolence for the martyrdom of the great lady in Islam, Hazrat Fatimeh (s.a.), Ayatullah Makarem Shirazi said:

It is time to resort to the proximity to Imams (a.s.), but not only for solving the problems. Resorting to their proximity is what has been stated in the well-known tradition, where Imam Ja

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Moslems shall be vigilant against discords
To the Kind attention of Hazrat Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

With greeting,

Undoubtedly, mourning for Hazrat Sayedoshohad (a.s.) is honorable for all Shiite. However, some questions are raised about the method of mourning and a group of adversaries are trying to cause discord among the mourners through spreading gossips. You are kindly requested to clarify for us the proper method of mourning for the Master of Freemen.


A number of your Moghalleds

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Answer to the questions about the sacred mosque of Jamkaran

His holiness Hazrat Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

 With greeting,

You have previously mentioned valuable utterances for introduction of Jamkaran mosque. The lovers of Imam of Time (a.s.) request for a more comprehensive introduction about this great religious centers to remove any ambiguity and temptation raised by the uninformed and ignorant.

 A number of your Moqalledin

October 2006

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To the Kind attention of His holiness, the Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi
With greeting and regards,
First, considering that many number of candidates results in scattering and partitioning of votes, and may cause important problems, we would like to ask you if we are in doubt between two candidates and know that one is “More qualified” but less publicly accepted, and the other is “Qualified”, but more publicly accepted, which one we shall select? Please guide us for this legal responsibility.
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Taking hostage the civilians and guiltless individuals

To the kind attention of His holiness, Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

Wishing deliverance of the Iraq Islamic territory from the presence of the occupiers,
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Reply of His holiness to a letter about the third testimony

Text of question:

To the kind attention of His holiness, Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

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Reply of His holiness to the letter of a number of seminary students regarding j

In the name of God

I had declared this decree several years ago conditionally, and it has been registered in my book, Rulings of Taqlid, that if based o­n the approval of the experts, smoking cigar (and other tobacco products) is harmful for health, it is forbidden.

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