First: Niyyah (intention)

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The Rites of Hajj
Second: Saying LabbaykProcess of Ihram

Article 63- Making intention of Ihram as in the way that pilgrim intends not to perform the acts that will be mentioned later and consider them as Haraam for himself/herself and performs the acts of Umrah or Hajj after that, and by considering that meaning it is enough to say by words or in his/her heart:

“I wear Ihram for Umrah al-Tamattu’ for obligatory (or Mustahab) Hajj for myself (or in behalf of a person whom I am his/her proxy) for closeness to Allah (قربة الی الله)” and the purpose of saying I wear Ihram is to prohibiting himself/herself from the acts (which will be mention later).

And the pilgrim says for Ihram of Hajj: “I wear Ihram for obligatory Hajj for closeness to Allah (قربة الی الله)” and in Umrah al-Mufradah: “I wear Ihram for Umrah al-Mufradah for closeness to Allah (قربة الی الله)”.

Article 64- It is not necessary to utter the intention but it is enough to have this intention in the heart, but it is better to express the intention by word adding to internal intention.

Article 65- The purpose of intending for closeness of Allah is intending to satisfy Allah and being close to his pure essence and the pilgrim should have the intention of performing the rites of Umrah or Hajj in that state and it is better to define from the beginning that he/she has the intention of performing Umrah or Hajj, for example “Hajjat al-Islam” which means obligatory Hajj because of gaining the ability of performing Hajj or “Mustahab Hajj” or “Hajj of Nazr” or “Hajj by proxy”, but it is also permitted to make intention for Ihram intending to define the type of act later.

Article 66- If during making intention of Ihram, and prohibiting the acts which are Haraam for Muhrim for himself/herself, the pilgrims intends for performing some of those acts (for example, he/she is in travel at that moment and is sitting under the roof of car or airplane unnecessarily), then it is not free of problem for his/her Ihram.

Article 67- Knowing the details of Haraam acts is not necessary and it is enough to know them as a whole.


Second: Saying LabbaykProcess of Ihram