1- Wearing sewed clothing

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The Rites of Hajj
2- Wearing a thing which covers all top of the footActs that are Haraam in the State of Ihram

Article- Wearing clothes like shirt, cassock, trousers and underclothes are Haraam for men in the state of Ihram. And it is an obligatory precaution to abstain from wearing any sewed clothe, also woven clothes and clothes that their parts of attached to each other or have made been made like left, and are in the form of shirt, overcoat, trousers and like them, although it is not sewed and needle and string have not been used in making them, it is a precaution to abstain from wearing all these clothes.

Article 89- There is no difference between large or small in sewed clothes but pulling blankets, which their edges have been sewn, over shoulders for preventing from cold and like that, or pulling that over the body (on the condition that pilgrim does not cover his/her heat with that) has no problem, also it has no problem if the edges of Ihram clothing have been sown although renouncing is a precaution.

Article 90- Wearing coin bag on the waist has no problem although it is sewed (coin bag is a little bag for carrying cash, coins and like that), also wearing a belt over Ihram clothing has no problem if it is sewed or not, also wearing a wraparound even if it has made from a sewed fabric or not, but in all these cases it is Mustahab precaution that all clothing not to be sewed.

Article 91- Wearing truss has no problem even if it is sewed, also carrying sewed bags which pilgrims carry on their shoulders or necks and place their needed objects in them has no problem, and there is no problem if they are sewed, too.

Article 92- As we said before, it is an obligatory precaution that the pilgrim does not tie loincloth around the neck, but tying that around waist, especially when it is needed, also tying Rida’ around or using pin for fixing the position of Rida’ or Izar has no problem, but it is better to renounce that acts. And the method, which is common among some of Hajjis, of putting a piece of stone on one side of clothing and fastening it with a rubber strap or a string to another side is also permitted.

Article 93- Wearing all kinds of sewed clothes is permitted for women, except gloves, which are not permitted to wear.

Article 94- The atonement of wearing sewed cloths in cases of necessity is a sheep, but if this act is performed because of ignorance or forgetfulness, then it has no atonement.



2- Wearing a thing which covers all top of the footActs that are Haraam in the State of Ihram