11- Going under the shade during travel

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The Rites of Hajj
12- Removing hair from the body10- Cutting the nails

Article 132- A Muhrim man should not go under the shade during travel or keeps a shade or an umbrella over his head, therefore traveling with airplane or roofed vehicle and like them is not permitted for a Muhrim man, but it is permitted for women.

Article 133- Going into the camp or under the roof of stations in stations in middle of the way or in Mecca, Arafat, Mash’ar or Mena has no problem; also passing roofed markets and tunnels, which have been made for pedestrians, is permitted.

Article 134- Whenever a shade has no effect on preventing from sunlight and rain, men are permitted to go under that shade, therefore Muhrim men can use roofed vehicles or airplane from dawn to sunrise or in fully cloudy days, but using a shade on rainy nights has atonement.

Article 135- Passing bridges in the way and staying in the shades of vehicles has no problem.

Article 136- Ill persons and those whom sunlight harms them severely or makes them strong discomfort can use roofed vehicles and like them, but they should pay the atonement (the amount of atonement will be mentioned in the next article).

Article 137- Whenever a Muhrim goes under the shade because of ignorance or forgetfulness then there is no atonement on him, but if it has been done deliberately or according to a necessity, then it has atonement and the amount of the atonement is one sheep for each Ihram, it means that one sheep is obligatory for the whole Ihram of Umrah and one sheep for the whole Ihram of Hajj.

Article 138- It is better to perform Zebh (ritual slaughter) for atonement of Umrah in Mecca and those related to Hajj in Mena, but it is permitted to delay this act and perform it in the homeland and in these conditions that it is hard to find people who deserve the food it is better to perform this act in the homeland, but Hajjis should be aware not to forget it.

Article 139- Sheep of atonement should be used completely by poor persons and Hajji can use none of that.




12- Removing hair from the body10- Cutting the nails