4- Sa’y of Safa and Marwah

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The Rites of Hajj
Obligatory Acts of Sa’yMustahab Tawafs

Article 225- Sa’y of Safa and Marwah is one of obligatory acts of “Umrah al-Tamattu’” and “Hajj” and the meaning of that is shuttling between these two small hills, the pilgrim goes from “Safa” to “Marwah” and returns from “Marwah” to “Safa” until seven rounds are completed (shuttling from one to another is considered as one round).

Therefore, the pilgrim goes from Safa to Marwah four times and returns three times from that and does not return the fourth time and it becomes seven rounds in this way.

Article 226- Whenever a person renounces all of seven rounds or a part of it deliberately, if this person is performing Umrah al-Tamattu’, and cannot compensate that before Wuquf to Arafat, it is obligatory precaution to convert the Hajj to Hajj al-Ifrad, it means that this person should make the intention of Hajj al-Ifrad and completes the rituals of Hajj, and the next year performs Hajj al-Tamattu’ again.

And if a pilgrim renounces Sa’y in Hajj deliberately and cannot compensate that in time, then his/her Hajj in invalidated and should be performed the next year again.

Article 227- If a person renounces Hajj because of ignorance about the matter, it is obligatory precaution to act to the ruling of renouncing deliberately as it has been mentioned in the previous article; but if a pilgrim forgets to perform Sa’y, then he/she should return and perform that whenever he/she remembers, although it is after the month of Dhu’l-Hijjah, and if returning causes him/her trouble, he/she can take a proxy for performing Sa’y in behalf of the him/her, and nothing is Haraam (from Haraam act of Muhrim) for him/her in this time.

Article 228- Whenever a pilgrim performs more than seven rounds deliberately with the intention of obligatory Sa’y, then this Sa’y is invalidated and if the pilgrim adds one or more or less than one round to Sa’y involuntarily and remembers later, does not pay attention to that and his/her Sa’y is correct, and there is no need to complete the added amount up to seven rounds, but it is precaution not to do this act.

Article 229- Whenever a pilgrim adds an amount to seven rounds because of ignorance about the matter, its rulings is similar to performing it deliberately; it means that he/she should perform Sa’y again.

Article 230- Whenever a pilgrim reduce something from Sa’y because of forgetfulness, if this has happened before four rounds or after that, performs that reduced amount whenever he/she remembers and his/her Sa’y is correct, and if this person has gone our of Mecca or has returned to homeland and returning to Mecca causes him/her trouble, then he/she should take a proxy for performing Sa’y and it has no atonement, although he/she has performed acts that are Haraam for Muhrim.

Article 231- Whenever a pilgrim assumes that he/she has completed the Sa’y before Taqsir, he/she should not suffice to this assumption and investigate and if he/she couldn’t remembered in order to become sure about the matter, then he/she should perform the amount which is not sure about performing that; and if this person performs Taqsir (cuts the hair of the head and the nail) with the assumption of completing Sa’y without the investigation  and perform sexual intercourse with his/her spouse it is obligatory precaution to sacrifice a cow (sacrifices in Mecca if it is possible and if it is not possible then sacrifices in the hometown) adding to completing Sa’y.

Article 232- Whenever a person is performing Sa’y of Safa and Marwah and has performed some of that, if it is few or much, and the time of prayer comes, this person should leave Sa’y, perform the prayer and return and complete the rest of Sa’y.

Article 233- Whenever a necessary need happens for the pilgrim or one of religious brothers and sisters, then this pilgrim can stop Sa’y and go for that and continue Sa’y after returning from the place that he/she has stopped and his/her Sa’y is correct. And if a person gets tired, he/she can sit between Sa’y and stands up after the rest and continue Sa’y (if it is in Safa, Marwah or between these two).

Article 235- It is precaution to observe the sequence in Sa’y except the cases which have been mentioned before, it means that the pilgrim should performs seven rounds sequentially and without interruption.


Obligatory Acts of Sa’yMustahab Tawafs