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The Duty of University Students about the Issues of Palestine [Politics]

Question:What is our duty about Palestine, considering present conditions of Palestinian Muslims and impossibility of physical presence and jihad for Muslims of other countries? What is the specific duty of university students about this matter according to your opinion?
Answer: The issue of Palestine is a completely serious issue and Intifada is more fervent than any other time in its recent form and international conditions and the conditions of Islamic countries are so much different with the past that its explanation cannot be explained in here. Accordingly, more serious actions should be performed. But according to the fact that separate actions have no result, especially in our time, a calculated plan should be made by presence of representatives of different organizations and following that we should support Palestinians who are under the attacks of brutal enemies, everyday. We demand this gathering for planning and consider it necessary.

Ruling of Hunger Strike by Prisoners [Politics]

Question:What is the opinion of Islam about hunger strike which some of political and non-political prisoners perform for complaining against improper conditions of the prison or against the sentence of the court?
Answer: If it doesn't cause important harm to their body or life then it doesn't have problem, except that the prisoner is in serious danger that has no other way except hunger strike for escaping from the danger, that in this case it is also permitted.

Strike of Government Clerks for Objecting against the Insult of Religion [Politics]

Question:What is the ruling of strike of government clerks for objecting the rulings which are issued by the court and insult the religion or vilifies that, considering that sometimes these acts cause them to lose their jobs?
Answer: Cases are different; sometimes, the matter which he/she has struck for is more important for Islam like that sacred entities of religion or Muslim countries or Muslims themselves are in danger. And sometimes, that matter is less important to the danger which it has for the striker. Briefly, the ruling is in the circle of the rule of important and more important.

Calm Demonstration against the Policies of Oppressor Governor [Politics]

Question:Is it permissible to perform calm demonstration against the policies of an oppressor governor which its duty is religious government? By considering that other methods of complaining had no result and this method may have the danger of being killed then is this act considered as a kind of defensive jihad?
Answer: Whenever Islam is in danger and there is no way other than this for saving Islam then this act is permitted after taking the permission from religious governor. But this act shouldn't be performed obstinately and without a plan because it causes separation and weakness in this way.

Criterion for Application of Desecration in Portraying Infallibles (a.s.) [Cinema]

Question:What is the criterion for application of desecration in portraying? What is the ruling of broadcasting that f r o m IRIB?
Answer: The criterion is that it is considered desecration according to convention and if it is desecrating then it is not permitted.

To Make Quippy and Comedy Movies [Cinema]

Question:What is the ruling of making comedy and healthy entertaining movies?
Answer: It doesn't have problem.

To Make Horror Movies [Cinema]

Question:What is the ruling of making horror movies in order to remind the death to the people?
Answer: If it doesn't cause harms or damages then it doesn't have problem.

Filming the Mosques and Holy Places [Cinema]

Question:What is the ruling of filming the mosques in which the actor should play? What about holy places and shrines of Imams' children?
Answer: If it doesn't desecrate the mosque and doesn't disturb prayer-performers then it doesn't have problem.

Actors to Wear the Clothes of Clergies [Cinema]

Question:What is the ruling of wearing the clothes of clergies by actors?
Answer: If respect of the clothes is observed then it doesn't have problem.

Filming the Dead Persons and their Corpses [Cinema]

Question:What is the ruling of filming the dead bodies and those which are enshrouded in documentaries?
Answer: If they don't open the shroud and respect to the dead body then it doesn't have problem.

To Watch Foreign Movies for Learning Filmmaking [Cinema]

Question:What is the ruling of watching the movies in which women have incomplete veil in order to learn filmmaking?
Answer: If learning the science of filmmaking is for sacred goals and watching those movies doesn't cause corruption then it doesn't have problem.

To Use Women in Filmmaking [Cinema]

Question:Is it permissible to use actress for making a movie, considering that the director should talk and practice with the actress?
Answer: If chastity is observed then it doesn't have problem.

Makeup in Filmmaking [Cinema]

Question:One of the acts of filmmaking is makeup. Is this act permitted?
Answer: If it is not performed by non-Mahram persons then it doesn't have problem.

A Part of the Bodies of Actresses to be Shown in the Movie [Cinema]

Question:What is the ruling of shaving the beard for male actors and visibility of under the throat and some of the hairs and form of the chest and some parts of lower part of the body for female actresses?
Answer: Shaving the beard is against the precaution, except that there is a necessity. But showing the foresaid parts in front of non-Mahram persons is not permitted for women; except that it is filmed by a Mahram person and then they show the movie. In this case, if it is no the source of any specific corruption then it doesn't have problem.

To Advertise Foreign Products [Commercial Propaganda]

Question:Is it permissible to advertise foreign products?
Answer: If it doesn't cause any damage for Muslims then it doesn't have problem.

To Advertise Harmful Products [Commercial Propaganda]

Question:What is the ruling of advertising harmful products like cigarette and like that?
Answer: It is not permitted.

Advertisement Lies for having More Sale [Commercial Propaganda]

Question:What is the ruling of advertisement lies in the two following cases?
1) Clear lies which everyone recognize their falseness.
2) Lies which nobody will recognize except the experts.
Answer: Lying is not permitted, except that there is an evidence for the matter to be unserious or its virtual meaning.

To Use Images of Women in Product Advertisements [Commercial Propaganda]

Question:Is it permissible to use images of women in order to advertise products and for attracting the costumers?
Answer: This act is not proper for women and their dignity.

To Use Exaggerated Expressions in Advertisements [Commercial Propaganda]

Question:Is it permissible to use exaggerated expressions which are not lies but it is beyond informing and is used for encouraging people to consume?
Answer: If it doesn't deceive people then it doesn't have problem.

Ordering to Ma'roof and Prohibiting from Munkar by News Reporters [Journalist]

Question:How should a reporter order to Ma'roof and prohibit from Munkar against anti-values?
Answer: Reporter can also act according to the regulations of ordering to Ma'roof; when there is a possibility of effectiveness, and it has no harm, and it is certain that the act is Munkar, he/she should perform the duty of ordering to Ma'roof and prohibiting from Munkar, except that he/she has to risk his/her occupation for this act (that acts as a Kafa'ee obligatory act); in this case the reporter can perform this act indirectly, which means through other persons.

News Reporters and Fight against Cultural Assault [Journalist]

Question:How is it possible for a reporter to fight against cultural assault?
Answer: A reporter can help indirectly by informing the persons who are ready for the duty in this fight, also by revealing the truths in the society, especially by informing people about harmful effects of this assault.

Selling Less than the Amount in Informing and News [Journalist]

Question:What is selling less than the amount in informing and news?
Answer: Selling less than the amount has a specific meaning which is used in transactions and a general meaning that anyone who steals from his/her work is its example. And about news, if the reporter transfers the news incomplete or doesn't send some news then it is similar to selling less than the amount.

Cooperation of Women in Collecting News and Reports [Journalist]

Question:Is it permissible to use women for collecting news and reports?
Answer: If principles of chastity are observed then cooperation of women doesn't have problem.

To Use Expressional Methods of Qur'an in Informing [Journalist]

Question:By considering that Qur'an is expression of god and his miracle, and naturally god has different methods of expression for communicating with people, which are certainly the most complete ones, what are these methods of expression? How is it possible to use them in news?
Answer: You can refer to my book "Message of Qur'an", vol. 8, discussion of marvel of Qur'an in eloquence, from the page 87, or the book "Qur'an and the Last Prophet" for finding the methods of eloquence of Qur'an and using them for news reporting.

Characteristics of News Reporters [Journalist]

Question:Do persons who report the news and events have special conditions?
Answer: Yes, they have special conditions; reliability and trustworthiness, enough intelligence for comprehending the matters, strong memory for keeping and saving the matters and above all, impartiality and good intention and not polluting the news with personal taste are f r o m these conditions.

New Reporter to Rely on Others' Expressions [Journalist]

Question:How much a reporter is permitted to rely on the expressions of others, considering that it is not possible to reach the main source?
Answer: While it is not possible to reach the main source and certain evidences are not available, the news should be reported as possible news, not certain.

Method Achieving the Certainty about the News of an Event in which News Reporter was not Present [Journalist]

Question:Whenever a reporter was not present at a scene but he/she intends to report the news of that then how many witnesses are enough in order for the reporter to achieve the correctness of news?
Answer: If a reliable person reports the news then it is enough. But it is a precaution not to suffice to the expression of one person for important news.

To Rely on Women's Expressions in Reporting News [Journalist]

Question:Is there any difference between men and women in reporting news and testifying to an accident? Should it be acted according to the method of trials in this matter?
Answer: There is no difference in this matter between men and women.
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