Musical Instruments

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Musical Instruments

Question:Please answer the following questions about music:
1) Is music essentially the subject of the ruling or does it depend on singing?
2) Is it according to convention or does it have a specified religious limit?
3) If it is according to convention then which convention should be considered, common convention or convention of believers, musicians or Faqihs and religious scholars?
4) Please express the boundaries of permitted non-singing music. Are these boundaries for traditional and folk music or does it also apply to foreign music and especially classic music?
5) What is the role of exciting by singing in making a kind of music Haraam?
Answer: Answers of all of your questions are as follows: All sounds and kinds of music, which are suitable for Haraam gatherings and corrupted meetings, are Haraam and other than them are Halaal, and they can be recognized by referring to informed people. And about musical instruments, it is Haraam to produce, trade and show the images of those which are related to Haraam music (those which are mostly being used for playing Haraam music) in public media. But common instruments and those which are mostly being used for playing Halaal music doesn’t have problem to be used in the above matters.


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