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Halaal and Haraam Music

Question:Please express the religious ruling of the following matters, considering the advancement of music in the society especially among young persons:
A) What is the ruling of trading, keeping, teaching and learning musical instruments, considering that most of musical instruments have common usage between Haraam and Halaal?
B) Is definition of singing music conformable to common singings that a person sings a poem or a text with good voice according to religion? Do contents of the text have also any effect on religious ruling?
C) What kind of meeting is Haraam meeting? Does purpose of persons who establish and those who attend have effect on defining the criterion, or a meeting becomes Haraam meeting solely by performing a Haraam act in that meeting?
D) According to the above ruling, what is the purpose of appropriateness of music or singing with Haraam meeting, is it its exclusiveness to Haraam meeting (which means this kind of music is only being played in this kind of meeting) or a meeting becomes Haraam only by playing music in that meeting?
Answer: Answer A to D: All sounds and kinds of music, which are suitable for Haraam gatherings and corrupted meetings, are Haraam and other than them are Halaal, and they can be recognized by referring to informed people. The purpose of appropriateness with Haraam gatherings and corrupted meetings is that these kinds of music, regardless of contents, mostly are being played in these kinds of meetings and the intention of those who establish the meeting has no effect in that and the purpose of common instruments is musical instruments which are extensively being used in both Halaal and Haraam meetings.


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