Singing and Music of Women

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Singing and Music of Women

Question:The following questions are introduce to you, considering the ambiguities and questions about confronting public thoughts with music and singing of women.
1) What is the ruling of singing by women in the form of solo or in a choir?
2) How much is it permitted for women to study music and singing?
3) How and where is it permitted for women to sing?
4) Is it permissible to play and to distribute singing voice of women?
Answer: Answer 1 to 4: All sounds and kinds of music, which are suitable for Haraam gatherings and corrupted meetings, are Haraam and other than them are Halaal and there is no difference in this case between man and woman, but it is permitted for women to sing Mubah music in meetings which are exclusive to their gender, whether solo or in a choir. Dear young persons note that we shouldn’t have fear of cultural aggression of the west and we shouldn’t assume that we should conform our religious rulings and ourselves to their culture, because west culture takes young persons to the complete trite step by step, and makes them empty f r o m the inside and removes any obstacle which is in the way of their desires in this way.


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