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Reciting the qunūt (Supplication in Salāt) in Persian [Qunut]

Question:1- Is it permissible to recite the qunūt of obligatory prayers in Persian or any other languages? 2- What about other prayers like night prayer? 3- Is it permissible to pray whatever we want in qunūt and say whatever we want to ask Allah in qunūt?
Answer: 1- It is not permitted. 2- It is like the previous issue. 3- Yes, you can ask all religious lawful matters from Allah.

Ruling of forgotten qunūt (Supplication in Salāt) in prayer [Qunut]

Question:If a person forgets qunūt and remembers the matter after rukū‘ of the same rak‘at ,then what is the ruling of that?
Answer: This person can perform qunūt after rukū‘ and then go for sajdah without rukū‘ and continue the prayer.
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