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Nature of Life Insurance [Types of Insurance]

Question:Please express your respected opinion about the following questions:
1) Is life insurance one of the contracts or Iqa'aat (one-way transactions)? Is it from ordinary contracts and Iqa'aat which have Fiqh titles or available titles are not compatible with that?
2) Is life insurance a kind of will of ownership or duty?
3) By considering the nature of life insurance, is it permissible for the person, who has bought the insurance, to prorate the amount which will be calculated and paid by the insurance company and to make the will about that for person including religious heirs and other than them?
4) If the person who has bought the insurance doesn't specify any person or share then the amount of life insurance paid by the insurance company will be prorated among lawful heirs, according to present laws of insurance. Is this kind of proration compatible with Fatwa of your highness?
Answer: Answer 1 to 4: Insurance is one of modern contracts which is accepted in the convention of wise persons, and if it has general conditions of contracts then it doesn't have religious problem, and it should be acted according to contract which has been made, and it is possible to specify the share of each person by percentage not by amount and the reasons of necessity of fulfillment of the pact apply to that.
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