Ḥasan: A Name from God

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Ḥasan: A Name from God

Question: How have the sourcebooks of the Ahl al-Sunnah narrated how Imam Ḥasan (‘a) was given his name?
Concise answer:
Detailed answer: Answer: Muḥib al-Dīn Ṭabarī has narrated from AsmāÞ, the daughter of ‘Amīs that: Fāṭimah (‘a) gave birth to her son Ḥasan (‘a). The Prophet (ṣ) came to visit me and said: Oh AsmāÞ, bring me my grandson. I brought him to the Prophet (ṣ) while he was wrapped up in a yellow colored cloth. He unwrapped the child from the cloth and said: Did I not tell you not to wrap any newborns in a yellow colored cloth? AsmāÞ narrates: I wrapped the child in a white colored cloth. The Prophet (ṣ) then took him and he recited the Adhān in his right year and the Iqāmah in his left ear.

He then said to ‘Alī (‘a): What have you named him? ‘Alī (‘a) said: I would never name him before you. The Prophet (ṣ) then said: I also will not name him before God. At this time, the Angel Gabriel descended and said: Oh Muḥammad, your Lord has sent his greetings to you and he says: ‘Alī is to you as Hārūn was to Moses, with the exception that there will be no prophet after you, so name your descendent with the name of the son of Hārūn. The Prophet (ṣ) then asked: Oh Gabriel, what was the name of the son of Hārūn? Gabriel said: Shubbar. The Prophet (ṣ) replied: But my language is Arabic. Gabriel then said: Name him Ḥasan and so the Prophet (ṣ) named him Ḥasan.[1] [2]


[1] DhakhāÞir al-Ýuqbā, p. 120.

[2] Ahl Bayt Az Dīdgāh Ahl Sunnat, ÝAlī Aṣghar Riḍwānī, p. 18.
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