Fāṭimah (‘a) Spoke to Her Mother While She was in the Womb

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Fāṭimah (‘a) Spoke to Her Mother While She was in the Womb

Question: What was the situation in regards to Fāṭimah (‘a) speaking to her mother while she was in the womb?
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Khadījah has narrated that: When I became pregnant with Fāṭimah, I did not feel heavy while carrying her and she felt very light; (in addition), while she was in the womb, she would speak with me. When the time of the delivery neared, four women, whose beauty and light cannot be described in words, came to me and one of them said: I am your mother ḤawāÞ; the other one said: I am Āsīyah, the daughter of Muzāḥim; the third one said: I am Kulthūm, the sister of Mūsā, and the fourth one said: I am Maryam, the daughter of ‘Imrān and the mother of ‘Īsā (‘a). We have come to help you with the delivery. After a few moments, Fāṭimah was born, and when she was born she prostrated and then she pointed her finger towards the sky.[1]

It has also been narrated that when the disbelievers asked the Prophet (ṣ) to show them a sign of God by splitting the moon, there were only a few days until the time of the birth of Fāṭimah (‘a). Khadījah (‘a) is narrated to have said: Woe, how much of a loser is the one who calls Muḥammad (ṣ) a liar; he is the best messenger of God and his prophet. During this time, Fāṭimah (‘a) spoke out to her mother from the womb and said: Oh my mother, do not be sad and do not fear, for the Lord is with my father. It was only a few days later that Fāṭimah (‘a) was born.[2]

The Prophet (ṣ) is narrated to have said: Gabriel brought me an apple from the apples of paradise; I ate it and then slept with Khadījah. She became pregnant with Fāṭimah and Khadījah herself would say that it was a very light pregnancy and that Fāṭimah spoke with her while she was in the womb. When the time of delivery came near, she sent for the women of the Quraysh to come and help her but they refused to come and said: We will not come since you married Muḥammad.[3]

Shaykh ‘Izz al-Dīn ‘Abd al-Salām Shāfi‘ī has said: When Khadījah became pregnant with Fāṭimah, she would speak with her mother while she was in the womb and Khadījah kept this secret from the Prophet (ṣ). One day the Prophet (ṣ) entered her room and saw that she was speaking to someone but there was no one present there. He asked her who she was speaking to! She answered that the child that she was carrying would speak to her. The Prophet (ṣ) then said to her: Oh Khadījah, I gave you the good news that the girl that you are carrying will be the mother to eleven of my successors who will come after me and after their father.[4]

In another lengthy tradition from Imam Ṣādiq (‘a), it has been narrated that: One day the Prophet (ṣ) entered his home and heard Khadījah speaking to someone. He said to her: Oh Khadījah, who was speaking with you? She said: The child that I am carrying in my stomach speaks with me and has affection towards me… The Prophet (ṣ) then said to her: Gabriel has given me the good news that the child is a girl and she is pure, righteous, faithful, and blessed. Soon, God will continue my lineage through her and from her the line of the Imams will come and they will take their place in my Ummah.[5] [6]

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