The Truth is Always with ÝAlÐ (Ýa)

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The Truth is Always with ÝAlÐ (Ýa)

Question: Is it correct to say that the truth is always with Imam ÝAlÐ (Ýa)?
Concise answer:
Detailed answer: Umm Salamah and ÝÀishah (who were two wives of the Prophet (Ò)) have narrated: We heard the Prophet (Ò) saying: ÝAlÐ is with the truth and the truth is with ÝAlÐ, and they will never separate from one another until they reach me next to the Fountain of Kawthar.

This tradition has been narrated in many of the famous sourcebooks of the Ahl al-Sunnah. ÝAllÁmah AmÐnÐ has narrated this tradition in a very detailed manner in his third volume of Al-GhadÐr.[1] The famous commentator of the Ahl al-Sunnah, Fakhr RÁzÐ has also mentioned in his TafsÐr KabÐr (under the section on Surah Íamd) that: ÝAlÐ ibn AbÐ ÓÁlib would recite his BismillÁh out loud and this has been narrated in a TawÁtur manner. In turn, whoever follows Imam ÝAlÐ (Ýa) in his religion has been guided to the truth and the reason behind this can be found in the words of the Prophet (Ò) who said: Oh God, turn the truth upon the axis of ÝAlÐ’s being however he may turn.[2] Keep in mind that this tradition is saying that the truth turns upon the very existence of Imam ÝAlÐ (Ýa).[3]

[1] This tradition has been narrated by MuÎammad ibn AbÐ Bakr, AbÙ Dharr, AbÙ SaÝÐd KhudrÐ, as well as others from amongst the companions. Refer to the third volume of Al-GhadÐr.

[2] TafsÐr KabÐr, vol. 1, p. 205.

[3] Taken from: ÍadÐth GhadÐr Sanad GÙyÁye VilÁyat, Guruhe MaÝÁrif va TaÎqÐqÁt IslÁmÐ Qum, p. 28.
Published on: « 1393/02/21 »


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