A Brief Introduction in to the Life of Imam JawÁd (Ýa)

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A Brief Introduction in to the Life of Imam JawÁd (Ýa)

Question: How can the life of Imam JawÁd (Ýa) best be summarized?
Concise answer:
Detailed answer:  The Ninth Imam (Ýa) was named MuÎammad, his Kunyah was AbÙ JaÝfar, and his titles were TaqÐ and JawÁd; he was born in the holy month of RamaÃÁn in the year 195 HijrÐ in the city of Medina.[1] His mother was named SabÐkah and she was from the family of MarÐyah QubÔÐyah, the wife of the Prophet (Ò).[2] She possessed great ethical virtues and was the best woman of her time.[3] Imam RiÃÁ (Ýa) has mentioned her as a woman of great purity and virtue.[4]

On the day that Imam RiÃÁ (Ýa) passed away, Imam JawÁd (Ýa) was only eight years old; he in turn was martyred at the age of twenty five[5] and he was buried in the cemetery of the Quraysh in Baghdad, next to the grave of his grandfather, MusÁ ibn JaÝfar. Imam JawÁd’s (Ýa) imamate was contemporary with the rule of two Abbasid caliphs, namely MaÞmÙn (193-218) and MuÝtaÒim (218-227). Both of these tyrannical rulers forced him to leave his home in Medina and move to Baghdad; there, the caliphs kept a very close watch on the Imam (Ýa) the entire time that he resided there.[6]


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A Brief Introduction in to the Life of Imam JawÁd (Ýa)

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