The Socio-Political and Intellectual Activities of Imam ÝAskarÐ (Ýa)

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The Socio-Political and Intellectual Activities of Imam ÝAskarÐ (Ýa)

Question: What activities did Imam ÝAskarÐ (Ýa) engage in during the period of his Imamate?
Concise answer:
Detailed answer: Imam ÝAskarÐ (Ýa), in spite of the continuous pressure and control he was placed under by the ÝAbbÁsid government, still engaged in a series of  political, social, and intellectual activities, in order to protect Islam and counter the anti Islamic ideology being propagated at that time. These can be summarized into several categories:

1- The Imam’s (Ýa) intellectual activities in defending the religion of Islam, refuting various problems and doubts that were raised by his opponents, and expanding upon the correct Islamic theology.

2- Creating a network of representatives, through which contact was maintained with the Shias of various regions, in the Muslim nation.

3- Secret political activities in spite of a high level of control by the ÝAbbÁsid government.

4- Economic assistance and support of the Shia, in particular his s e l e c t companions.

5- The strengthening and political education of various notables and important elements from amongst the Shia against various problems which they faced.

6- Widespread use of the knowledge of the unseen in winning over the hearts of the deniers of the Imamate, as well as in boosting the morale of the Shia.

7- Preparing the Shia for the time when the 12th Imam (Ýa) would not be directly present in the society.[1]

[1] Taken from the text: SÐrah PÐshvÁyÁn, MahdÐ PÐshvÁÐ, MuÞasasah Imam ÑÁdiq (Ýa), Qum, 1390 HijrÐ ShamsÐ, 23rd Edition, p. 626.
Published on: « 1393/04/05 »


The Socio-Political and Intellectual Activities of Imam ÝAskarÐ (Ýa)

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