The Night of Qadr Is a Gift amongst the Gifts of God

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The Night of Qadr Is a Gift amongst the Gifts of God

Question: Did the night of Qadr exist amongst previous nations?
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The verses of Surah Qadr appear to convey the meaning that the night of Qadr is not exclusive to the time of the Prophet (ṣ) and the revelation of the Quran; rather, it is something that will take place each year and will continue until the end of this world.  The present tense use of the word ‘sent down’ and the sentence structure of the verse stating: “It is peaceful until the rising of the dawn.”[1] all show that this is something which will continue throughout time. In addition to the sentence structure of the verses of Surah Qadr, there are also many traditions (which may reach the rank of Tawātur) which confirm such a meaning.

Another question still remains as to whether such a night existed for previous nations as well? Various traditions have stated that this night is a gift and a blessing to the Muslim community specifically. A tradition narrated from the Prophet (ṣ) mentions: God bestowed the Night of Qadr upon my community and not a single nation before was ever given such a blessing.[2]

Footnote: [1] Surah Qadr, verse 5.
[2] Taken from the text: Tafsīr Nemūneh, Ayatullah Makārim Shīrāzī, Dār al-Kutub al-Islāmīyah, 36th Edition, vol. 27, p. 213.
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