Imam Ali a.s :
One, who guards his secrets has complete control over his affairs.
Nahjul balaghah saying :161.
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Released by His Eminence's Office
One can claim to be a true lover when one set aside the love for the self in order to be able to make sacrifices for his loved one. In fact, true love is realized when one forgets everything and everyone, even his own self, other than his loved one. A true lover would also forget his own selfish interests and is ready to make any kind of sacrifice for his loved one.
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Note of the Day
One of the regulations in the Revealed Law is the one concerning Hijab. This is one of the indispensable parts of the Islamic Law which has its roots in human emotions, reason, and intellect it is also closely related to the realities of human life Therefore, if people consider the philosophy behind the legislation of Hijab and its numerous benefits, they will come to realize that it is to their own benefit.
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The Christmas Note
One of the purposes behind sending divine Messengers has been the teaching of moral values. This is because the ultimate goal of all the prophets has been the moral training of mankind in a way that they would observe moral values in all arenas of their lives.
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Note of the day:
December 10th is marked as the Human Rights Day, thus, the official website of G. A. Makarem Shirazi has taken a quick look at his eminence's take on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
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يکشنبه 28/بهمن/1397
الاحد 11 جمادي الثاني 1440
Sunday 17 February 2019
سلام و عرض ادب:

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