Imam Ali a.s :
The best kind of wealth is to give up inordinate desires.
Nahjul balaghah saying :34.
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The chronicle of events of Muharram:
Muharram 13th: The Lady Zeyhab (s) delivers the most crushing speech in Kūfah/The speech of Fatimah al-Ṣughrā (s) in Kūfah/The speech of Umme-Kulthūm (s) in Kūfah/The historic speech of Imam al-Sajjād (ʿa) in Kūfah/The captives of the Ahl-al-Bayt (ʿa) in the public meeting with ʿUbaydullah ibn Ziad/The Lady Zeynab&rsquos crushing response to ʿUbaydullah ibn Ziad/Imam al--Sajjād (ʿa)&rsquos crushing response to Ibn Ziad/The captives of the Ahl-al-Bayt (ʿa) in the prison of Kūfah/ʿUbaydullah ibn Ziad insults Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa)&rsquos severed head/The story of Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa)&rsquos severed head in Kūfah/What verses from the Quran did Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa)&rsquos severed head recite?/The news of Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa)&rsquos martyrdom reaches Medina and Damascus/The martyrdom of ʿAbdullah ibn ʿAfīf.
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The chronicle of events of Muharram:
The burial of the martyrs of Karbala/The Bani-Asad clan bury the martyrs of Karbala: the presence of Imam al-Sajjād (ʿa) for the identification and burial of the martyrs/ The secret behind the hexagon design of Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa)&rsquos burial chamber/ How did Imam al-Sajjād (ʿa) manage to come back to Karbala to bury the martyrs despite being a captive at the time?/The Ahl-al-Bayt arrive to Kūfah/The martyrdom of Imam al-Sajjād (ʿa)
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The chronicle of events of Muharram:
The dividing of the martyrs&rsquo heads among the clans of Kūfah/The caravan of captives leaves Karbala/The names of the captives of the Prophet&rsquos Ahl-al-Bayt (ʿa)/The caravan of captives passes the beheading site of Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa)/Zeynab (ʿa) gives Imam al-Sajjād (ʿa) solace/The manner in which the women and children of the Ahl-al-Bayt (ʿa) were moved as captives.
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The chronicle of events of Muharram:
Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa) chants prayers on ʿĀshūrā morning/Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa)&rsquos sermon on ʿĀshūrā morning/ Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa)&rsquos heroic speech directed at the enemy army/Ḥurr ibn Yazid Riyāḥī regrets being against Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa) and comes to fight for the Imam/Battle Commences: a number of Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa)&rsquos companions are killed in the first wave of the attacks/The martyrs of the first wave of the attacks on the day of ʿĀshūrā/Single combats commence and Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa)&rsquos companions are martyred one by one/Noontime and Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa)&rsquos last prayer/The martyrdom of the last companions of the Imam/Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa)&rsquos last stand and martyrdom/What happened after Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa)&rsquos martyrdom/ Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa)&rsquos weapons and clothes are plundered/The pillage of the camp/ The burning down of Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa)&rsquos camp/The trampling of the martyrs&rsquo bodies/Sending the sacred head of Imam Ḥusayn (ʿa) to Kūfah.
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پنج شنبه 26/مهر/1397
الخمیس 8 صفر 1440
Thursday 18 October 2018
سلام و عرض ادب:

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