The Statement of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi regarding the Brutal and Cold-Blooded Execution of Tens of Young People in Hejaz

We believe that Allah the Almighty will not let the taking of such innocent lives, including the lives of the innocent people who have been martyred in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syrian, and the other Islamic countries, go unpunished.


Possible Strategies of the Muslim World against the Crimes and Atrocities of the Saudi Regime from His Eminence’s Point of View

The bloodthirsty Saudi regime should also know that the barbaric act of the execution of Shaykh Al Nimr will incur such a heavy cost that they could not even Imagine. They will, then, see for themselves the wrath of Allah (swt) being sent down on them and it will crush them along with all other murderers who have assist them.