Reply of His holiness to the letter of a number of seminary students regarding j

Reply of His holiness to the letter of a number of seminary students regarding j

In the name of GodI had declared this decree several years ago conditionally, and it has been registered in my book, Rulings of Taqlid, that if based o­n the approval of the experts, smoking cigar (and other tobacco products) is harmful for health, it is forbidden.‌

However, as a group of well informed physicians and university professors have recently testified and approved, and since we have received shocking statistics indicating death rate and the dangerous diseases caused by smoking, it is now certain and sure that the important threats of cigar smoke is a fact, and even the children of smoking people, and their associates are not secure f r o m it. Thence, we issued the decree for absolute ban, and we ask God to protect all Moslems in the world, particularly the dear youth, who are the first victims of this destructive blight, so that they would keep watch vigilantly themselves, their relatives and friends. We wish to be alive and see that our society has become clean f r o m the taint of this dirty smoke.

As per the repeated request of the scholars, here we will make a brief reference to the proofs o­n this issue.

1- Holy Quran says:

ولا تلقوا بايديكم الى التهلكة

and make not your own hands contribute to (your) destruction (Quran, The Cow, 2:195)

According to the statistics declared by the expert physicians, the death rate caused by the cigar smoke reaches to 5 million people per year. The statistics of dangerous cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and cancer resulting f r o m cigar smoke is very high. Therefore, smoking cigar is the instance of